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Security Training Course Director Alexander Wilon JPSecurity Training in Australia. Safecity is a leading international security training services and security equipment supplier for law enforcement and private security providers.  The reason for our success is our commitment to high quality, ethics and genuine care for our customers.  Our trainers are polite, efficient and intelligent people who enjoy helping others succeed. It is a well known fact that our students earn their certificates. For this reason graduates from our courses are respected and in high demand with private security providers and even law enforcement agencies.




Security Training
Licence Applicants

Security training
Licensed Officers

Security Technical Training
Alarm and CCTV Installers

Certificate II in Security Operations PRS20103
91190NSW Certificate I in Security Operations (Pre-Licence)
Certificate III in Security Operations PRS30103 Certificate II in Technical Security PRS20203
  See the list of core units and interesting electives that you can choose Certificate III in Technical Security PRS30203
Licensing Bodies and Authorities  

Security Dog Handler

Aviation & Access Security

Firearms Instructor Courses

Determine response to security risk situation PRSSO303A Safe Passage Airport Security Course and X-Ray Image Interpretation. Leads to Statement of Attainment Screen baggage and people PRSSO212A Determine response to security risk situation PRSSO303A
Manage conflict through negotiation PRSSO305A Manage conflict through negotiation PRSSO305A
Handle dogs for security patrol PRSSO314A   Control security risk situations using firearms PRSSO310A
Manage dogs for security functions PRSSO313A Certificate IV In Security Industry Firearms Instructor 10832ACT

Defensive Tactics Instructor

First Aid Instructor

Specialist Training

TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment WorkCover approved Senior First Aid Approval Number FA9992 Certificate III in Investigative Services PRS30303
Determine response to security risk situation PRSSO303A Provide First Aid PRSSO206A Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management PRS40103
Manage conflict through negotiation PRSSO305A   Diploma of Security and Risk Management PRS50103
Control persons using empty hand techniques PRSSO316A  
Control persons using baton PRSSO317A
Restrain persons using handcuffs PRSSO318A

Workplace Trainer Courses

VET in schools
and Campus Security Training

Corporate Training
Security Awareness Courses

TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Certificate I in Security Operations PRS10103 Armed Robbery Prevention and Awareness
  Campus Security Training for Schools, Colleges and Universities Bomb threat response, Emergency Evacuation
security awareness courseSecurity Awareness
    Aggression Minimisation
    Nationally Recognised Senior First Aid


security notebooks for field notes

Security Notebook for field notes

Police and Security Equipment

Technical  Products

Handcuffs, Legal Notebooks

Tactical Suits

Ademco Alarms and CCTV
Duty Belt, Licence Holders ASP Expandable Batons Satellite Mobile Phones
Torches Safe firearms unloading stations World wide Satellite communication
    EMF Meters

Full list of nationally recognised security training






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UniSafe University Security Course

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ACT Head Office Unit 2, 60 Wollongong Street 
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NSW Regional Office Phone 02-6335 5216

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