"D.E.T. Olympic 2000 Training Priorities"

Entry Level Security Course for
Conditional Licence Class 1ABC
D.E.T. Funded

Respected by Employers - Required for licensing

Safecity Training Academy is proud to have been commissioned by the NSW  Department of Education and Training to deliver this important project.

Under this project Safecity will conduct training for applicants wishing to obtain the NSW Conditional Security Licence Class 1A.  The course has been designed to include Sydney Olympic 2000 awareness competencies.

The course is funded by the NSW Department of Education and Training.  An administration fee of $93 applies. Eligible persons will not have to pay the administration fee.

Safecity's security course is nationally recognised under the Australian Recognition Framework.

Enrolments Are Now Closed 

Thank you Sydney!  For an amazing response and thank you to all the case workers at the Salvation Army, Mission Employment, Centrelink, Job Futures, Work Ventures, Sydney Counselling Centre, and all National Employment Networkmembers who have worked so hard to make this project a success.  We are impressed with the level of dedication and care you have shown to your clients.

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If you would like to be placed on a stand-by list and offered a place in the case of a cancellation, or if you want us to contact you in the future about similar programs, please complete the expression of interest form on our secure server This information is absolutely confidential and will never be sold or revealed to anyone other than to authorised staff of the Department of Education and Training.

The information you provide will help DET formulate useful programs which will provide the maximum benefit to the public.  It will also help us determine whether you qualify for exemption from the administration fee.

I thank you for your co-operation.

Alexander Wilon JP
Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is D.E.T?
The NSW Department of Education and Training

Who is Safecity?
Safecity is a VETAB approved nationally recognised RTO (Registered Training Organization) registered with ARC (ACT Accreditation and Registration Council).

In NSW Safecity is an approved provider by VETAB and the NSW Police Security Industry Unit.  Our Master Licence is #403546788.  You may view our profile on line.

How old do I have to be to enrol in a course?
You must be 18 before you may be eligible to apply for a Security Licence.

Who can enrol in this course?
To be eligible to enrol in this funded course, students must be either:

How much does the course cost?
The course if fully funded by the NSW Department of Education and Training.  The fees are paid by DET.  An administration fee of $93 applies.  Eligible applicants are not required to pay this fee. Click here to see if you are eligible.

Where will you conduct the courses?
In order to enable all NSW citizens to benefit from this project Safecity can conduct courses in the following areas: Armidale, Bathurst, Bega, Broken Hill, Coffs Harbour, Dubbo, Gosford, Katoomba, Orange, Sydney, Wollongong.

What is a NSW Security Conditional Licence 1ABC?

The conditional licence will allow you to work as a security officer for a period of up to one year. Within this twelve month period, you will be expected to complete all the requirements under the new licensing system.  This topic will be discussed during your course.

I was convicted of a criminal offence a few years ago. Can I enrol in the course?
All applicants for security courses will need to submit an"Authority for Pre Training Criminal Record Check Form" (available on-line to Safecity customers.  Please E-mail us to obtain a password).

You will nor be able to start training until you receive a clearance from the NSW Police Security Industry Registry Unit.  It is a good idea to lodge the form with us at least three weeks before commencing training.  There is no charge for lodging a form or for the police clearance.

Alternatively, we can provide you this form when we receive your enrolment application.

Please do not call the NSW Police Security Industry Registry Unit or local Police about these issues.  Please E-mail us (preferable) or phone us.

I was convicted of a traffic violation will I be refused a licence?
Minor traffic offences should not be a problem. Click here to see which offences would prevent you from obtaining a security licence.

I have never committed an offence, do I still have to submit a pre-training criminal history check form? Yes. New regulations require all applicants to lodge a form.

Please do not attempt to conceal an offence.  If you supply a false declaration this is what will happen:

  1. Your criminal record will show up when you apply for your licence and your licence application will be automatically denied.
  2. DET will not pay for the cost of your course and you will be invoiced for the full amount of the course.

I was dismissed or discharged from a police force, law enforcement or military organisation, do I have to submit a pre-training criminal history check form? Yes

I have difficulties reading and writing or understanding English, can I enrol in this course?
The ability to read and write English is a licensing prerequisite established by the NSW Police Security Industry Unit and VETAB.  If you are from a non-English speaking background and your language comprehension is poor, or if you have literacy difficulties   we may be able to refer you to an agency who will help you overcome your difficulties, please contact Ms. S. Flinders, Safecity's Literacy Support Scheme Co-ordinator.

Will this course be recognized nationally?
The course you study is accredited under the ARF (Australian Recognition Framework) and it is nationally recognized.  However, each state has its own licensing requirements. When you complete this course you will be eligible to apply for the NSW Conditional Security Licence.  Safecity's Course is also accredited with the ACT Registration Council. Under the mutual recognition principle it is now possible to obtain a security licence in most States if you are licensed in your own state.

How long is the course?
The entry level security program is 9 days. Monday to Saturday. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

What certificates will I receive?
You will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment which will list the competencies you have achieved.

What are the competencies I will achieve?
PRSSG01A - Maintain the security of premises and property
PRSSG02A - Control access to and exit from premises
PRSSG03A - Maintain Safety
PRSSG04A - Communicate in the Workplace
PRSSG05A - Manage conflict
PRSSG08A - Operate basic security equipment
PRSSG09A - Apprehend offenders
PRSSG011A - Escort and Carry Valuables
PRSSG012A - Provide for safety of persons
PRSSG013A - Control Crowds
PRSSG17A - Maintain effective relationship with clients
PRSSG25A - Provide Emergency First Aid
THHBTHS04A - Manage intoxicated persons

The course will include Olympic awareness competencies

Will I be able to use these competencies towards my full licence?
Yes.  To obtain a full licence you will need to complete some core and elective units.  Our Training Delivery Staff will advise you how to go about obtaining a full licence.

Do you provide employment support after the training?
Yes. As with all Safecity's customers you will be given the opportunity to list your name with our job support program.  This includes listing with employers and a placement in our graduates web site.  This service is free of charge.

What are my opportunities for employment?
At present there is a strong demand for licensed and well trained security officers.  We also expect a heavy demand during the new year period and during the Olympic Games.

How do I lodge an expression of interest in this Project?

Enrolments are now closed.  If you would like to be placed on a stand-by list and offered a place in the case of a cancellation, or if you want us to contact you in the future about similar programs, please complete the form below.  This information is absolutely confidential and will never be sold or revealed to anyone other than to authorised staff of the Department of Education and Training.

  1. Mail an application form to Safecity (Netscape or IE - Zip File)
  2. Use our secure online expression of interest application form

Applications are now closedNetscape Users and IE click here to download a zipped (or PDF) form

Applications are now closedClick here to lodge an expression of interest on line

The following persons are encouraged to lodge an expression of interest

Safecity thanks the following persons, and organizations for the dedication they have shown to their local community.

Listed in alphabetical order.

nsw security licence goldstar2BS Stereo

nsw security licence goldstar2CBA FM Quality Life Broadcasting

nsw security licence goldstarPeter Andren Independent Federal Member For Calare

nsw security licence goldstarRiley Phelan of Radio 2 Broken Hill FM

nsw security licence goldstarWIN Television

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