Armed Robbery Prevention

This letter from Safecity helped prevent an armed robbery 
at a major Credit Union in New South Wales.

Dear ########

Subject: How the Staff of a Credit Union helped prevent an armed robbery

My name is Alexander Wilon I am a licensed security consultant. My company Safecity Training Academy conducts Security and Armed Robbery Awareness programs for personnel involved in medium to high security risk.

I recently conducted an armed robbery seminar for the staff of a well known Credit Union. Six months later, there were eight armed robberies in the area. In each occasion the Credit Union we trained was not targeted.

During the last armed hold up the robbers targeted a financial institution two doors down from our customers. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the robbers had scouted the area, and had picked the 'soft targets'. The robbers were looking for specific conditions upon which they made their decision to carry out the armed hold up.

Our Credit Union customers learned the nature of these conditions in our seminar. They also role played techniques which helped them prevent the robbery. How much disruption is an armed robbery likely to cause your business? Plenty! After a robbery your staff will suffer post traumatic stress disorder, low morale and general anxiety. Business suffers because of closure of accounts and general customer nervousness. It is common knowledge that after a robbery it may take up to three years before life returns to normal.

Just like with our credit union customer, attending this seminar will help you and your staff considerably reduce the chance of an armed robbery.

A common complaint among our customers is that they had been previously subjected to programs which had 'scared them to death'. In several cases, participants complained of nightmares, insomnia and anxiety attacks for several weeks after being exposed to the 'training'. These are typical symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which can occur when people are exposed to violence (real or imaginary).

I was also told the armed robbery survival training included undesirable statements such as 'do this and you are dead', 'this is a fatal mistake' and other aversive statements. Quite understandably, these unfortunate people strongly objected to participating in any further training.

It is important to realize that most people who are subjected to any form of trauma during a training session react with avoidance. Their awareness locks inwards. They also instinctively react by attempting to block out the trauma by avoiding the source. The outcome of such programs is generally the same: People learn that in the event of a robbery they will be scared to death.

Training by mere terror may be acceptable in police and military academies (and many police psychologists disagree)--but not in training workshops for civilians.

My Security Awareness and Armed Robbery Survival Workshops differ dramatically from those of my competitors on the following points.

  1. Your staff receive a comprehensive reference manual. Safecity's manual contains over 70 pages of important information which will help your staff prevent armed robberies and common security breaches.
  2. We discuss the workshop with each participant prior to commencement. This allows us to ascertain the anxiety level of your staff, past experiences and other important factors. Staff appreciate being able to discuss their concerns.
  3. We begin the workshop by exploring the level of stress of the participants. In every workshop I have conducted for credit unions, staff commented on how much they enjoyed learning new skills, and how to recognizing stress and deal with it more effectively. We do this because it is pointless to attempt teaching security awareness to people who are unable to manage stress in the workplace. Indeed, stressed people are a high security risk.
  4. Your staff's awareness and self-confidence is steadily built-up during the workshop. Participants role-play confrontation situations and learn valuable communication skills when dealing with confrontations (Sexual Harassment, Emotionally Disturbed, Difficult Customers).
  5. Staff actively participate in creating scenarios for the Armed Robbery Survival Workshop component. This helps to remove anxiety and promote team building among staff.
  6. The Armed Robbery Survival scenarios are role played. This occurs only when all participants agree that they are ready for this component.
OTHER DETAILS: Location: We conduct the course at a location of your choice. Cost: $175 per person Includes: Training manuals, software (customized), attractive certificates of participation, and detailed report to management if required. Assessment: Informally and formally by observation. The course can be completed in just over 4 hours, this is because the participants have studied the theoretical components of the program at home.

Other courses and services we provide

Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to arrange for an appointment.

Yours sincerely,

Alexander Wilon JP
Managing Director

The recipient of our letter responded favourably. After further negotiations Safecity conducted a Security Awareness Seminar for all the branches.

This letter was sent to the staff of the Credit Union after the robbery was prevented.

To the staff members of ####### By Fax #######

Re: Congratulations on a job well done

I am sure you are all aware of the recent armed robberies in ######. Within a short period there were eight robberies involving weapons.

In the last regrettable incident a building society near your, was robbed at gun point.

There is evidence that the robbers had scouted the area for 'soft' targets. What the robbers were looking for was poorly trained, unaware staff, poor camera location, and lack of security measures.

It is a known fact in ##### that no one walks into a ###### Branch without being 'spotted'. This has been confirmed by the many Safecity's 'spies' that I have sent to your branches from time to time. Your level of awareness and perception has, without any doubt, helped prevent ##### from becoming a target.

I want you to know that I am very proud of the way you have adopted the guidelines you learned during the course. I encourage you to remain vigilant, and practise your perception skills--not only at work but also at home.


Dr. Alexander Wilon JP
Managing Director

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Course information:

The course comprises of a combination of home study and practical session.

Home Study: The course manual is designed to help the course participant to self-learn and self-assess the theoretical components of the seminar. This enables the instructor to concentrate on the important practical components of the program. Course participants assignments are assessed by correspondence. The Academy also conducts live tutoring sessions on the Internet.

Practical Session: During the practical session the instructor verifies that all participants have achieved competency in the theoretical component of our course. The practical session involves role plays and simulation of workplace related scenarios involving sexual harassment, crime prevention and conflict resolution. Case scenarios are prepared in consultation with senior staff and supervisors.

The benefits of attending a Safecity Security Awareness Seminar last for a long long time. Protect your staff and your business now.

Offered for the first time to the general public!

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