Defensive Tactics Baton and Handcuffs Training
Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria

Safecity's defensive tactics baton and handcuffs courses will help you achieve competency in the lawful use of police long baton, expandable batons and application of handcuffs.

fred schwetzTwo persons approach you--suddenly a knife appears. You have no way to escape and are forced to confront the imminent threat.

A gang of youths confront you. You reach for your radio and call for backup. The gang attack--your defensive skills are NIL. How will you feel?

Even if you carry a firearm (and not all security officers do) think again--all logged events show clearly that side arms are useless when dealing with unarmed, violent offenders--especially juveniles. Law enforcement officers are reluctant to draw their firearms in such cases.

Clearly the best way to deal with any threat is to avoid it or to seek cover or activate an FT1O (Safecity's graduates know what that means)--but in many cases it is just not possible to withdraw from the scene.  We have carefully studied the most recent 10 incidents involving the death or serious injury of Australian police and security officers.

We interviewed security officers who were victims of attacks--all these officers had suffered serious long term injuries. They all reported to have been ambushed, caught by surprise. In most events officers had overestimated their skills to defend against smaller sized offenders. In all cases officers had failed to assess the level of threat--they were unprepared and poorly trained in defensive tactics--please don't say it can't happen to you.

defending against a knife attack
Former NSW Police Sergeant Fred Schwetz knows all about officer survival and defensive tactics. He has taught more than 4,000 police officers at Goulburn Police Academy. Fred wrote one of the manuals still in use by the NSW Police. Fred Schwetz and Alexander Wilon JP produced the official NSW Security Industry Baton Course at Safecity Training Academy.

In NSW Fred trained the three former tender groups Northern Security Training Academy, Firearms Safety Australia and TriCorp Tactical Training how to conduct instructor training courses in NSW. The tenders have now expired and have not been renewed.

Alexander Wilon JP is a licensed security consultant, lecturer and author of many security courses including the Certificate II in Security, a nationally recognized program accredited by VETA. This is the first security program approved by the ACT Accreditation and Registration Council.

Dr. Wilon is also the author and Course Director of Safecity's Statement of Attainment Employ Baton and Handcuffs  The Certificate IV Workplace Trainer in Defensive Tactics
Baton and Handcuffs and the Certificate IV in Security Industry Firearms Instructor Courses.

These instructor programs are approved for licensing in NSW, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and in most other states through mutual recognition.

Safecity can help security guards and law enforcement officers achieve competency in the use of defensive tactics against most common attacks. Our defensive programs are conducted in a friendly, professional and ethical manner. Safecity's defensive tactics instructors are polite, intelligent, experienced professionals who understand the concept of civilian security training and adult education. Our quality defensive tactics baton and handcuffs training manuals are well illustrated and carefully indexed for ease of research and study.

Do not tolerate rude, ego centred, incompetent instructors, do not accept shoddy training manuals. You are the customer--demand the best, accept only the best.

Safecity also conducts the nationally recognized Statement of Attainment Employ Batons and Handcuffs. This new defensive tactics course is highly recommended because it includes holds, blocks and lawful and humane open hand and empty hand defensive tactics. There is little doubt that this nationally recognized batons handcuffs defensive tactics course will become the standard for future training involving open hand, closed hand and filled hand tactics.

Regular Accreditation Programs
Conducted in the ACT, Victoria, and NSW

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