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asp expandable baton

APS expandable baton warranty.  What does the warranty cover?  

What is Safecity's "Defender Warranty"?  

My friend was taught that the best way to collapse the ASP baton is by tapping it on the side to loosen the joints or by holding the baton at an angle and tapping the tip of the baton on the floor . 

ASP Baton collapsing


Where can I see a catalogue of the models available in Australia?  


Where can I buy it?  

View our Price List and place an order on-line on our secure server

I don't have a credit card.  How do I order?  

When will I receive it?  

How will you send the baton?  

Licensing. Do I need a license to buy a baton?  

I am a security officer in NSW can I carry the baton for personal protection while off duty?

Do I need training?  


How should I store it? 


How should I maintain it?



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