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Safecity conducts the Internationally Recognised Safe Passage Modular Bomb Threat Recognition Program


Alexander Wilon JP
Adv. Dip. Security Risk Management
Licensed Security Consultant 407276033

Receive the best available training in building evacuation fire terrorism prevention, bomb threats response emergency response from licensed security consultants and former Police Academy Instructors.
  1. Module 1, Safety Awareness. OH&S, Occupational Health & Safety, Four Safety Factors (Preparation, Prevention, Response-stop, think & act, Safety Education), Unnecessary risk and duty of care, Common causes of accidents in the work place, reporting safety hazards.
  2. Module 2, Emergency Response Activation, Building evacuation plan preparation.
  3. Module 3, Fire prevention, fire emergencies and basic fire fighting techniques using extinguishers.
  4. Module 4, Bomb threats, Terrorism prevention
  5. Module 5, Building Evacuation

The 'it could never happen to me' syndrome

I wish I had a $100.00 dollar bill for every corporate business that does not have an emergency building evacuation, fire, bomb threats, terrorism response plan in place.

In most cases where building evacuation, security and safety training is made compulsory by authorities, corporate management opt out for the least expensive method of training. Yet they will readily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars even millions on sophisticated security equipment.

This nonsensical approach is primarily caused by the 'it could never happen to me' syndrome. When an emergency strikes the response is chaotic and panic sets in--inevitable damage to life and property takes place. When Authorities are called in and after charges are laid, management is forced to arrange for proper training in building evacuation to be in place.

Ask the average Australian to describe what a terrorist looks like and you get this picture of a dark, bearded, wild eyed mad man of middle eastern descent. This image could not be further from the truth. Most of the terrorism activities involving explosives in Australia and most of those in US have been caused by average looking persons mostly from Anglo-Saxon descent. Furthermore, you may be interested to know that many terrorist are women--young women who have been indoctrinated in the cause of the terrorist group.

a small letter bomb devastated this office
The result of a small letter bomb blast in Australia.
A police sergeant died in this blast and many were injured.
Since the disaster security measures against bomb threats and explosives have been put in place.

Since this regretful event there have been many incidents of bomb threats and terrorism involving explosive in Australia. Raise your staff awareness and help prevent terrorist attacks.

During our building evacuation, fire and bomb threats seminars your staff and your managers will learn how to help prevent emergencies  and act of terrorism. They will also practise conducting a building evacuation, using fire extinguishers and handling a threat.

They will take home a 70 page illustrated manual and a software program filled with valuable information and tips on building evacuation, fire and bomb threats response, crime terrorism prevention and workplace safety.

They will start using the competencies they have achieved the following day at work and at home.

Many of our building evacuation fire and bomb threats seminar participants tell us how they had used the techniques learned in the course to help improve safety in the workplace.

OTHER DETAILS: Location: We conduct the course at a location of your choice.  Includes: Training manuals, software (customized), attractive nationally recognised statement of attainment, and detailed report to management if required. Assessment: Informally and formally by observation. The course can be completed in just over 4 hours, this is because the participants have studied the theoretical components of the program at home.

The course involves a building evacuation drill, emergency and bomb threats response, terrorism prevention plan, practical use of fire extinguishers. Safecity uses an approved fire platform that can be safely transported and used near the workplace.

Other courses and services we provide

Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to arrange for an appointment.

Yours sincerely,

Alexander Wilon JP PhD
Managing Director



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Course information:

The building evacuation, fire and bomb threat seminar comprises of a combination of home study and practical session.

Home Study: The course manual is designed to help the course participant to self- learn and self assess the building evacuation theoretical components of the seminar. This enables the instructor to concentrate on the important practical components of the program. The Academy also conducts live tutoring sessions on the Intent.

Practical Session: During the practical session the instructor verifies that all participants have achieved competency in the theoretical component of our course. The practical session involves role plays and simulation of workplace related scenarios involving building evacuation, terrorism prevention plan, fire emergencies and bomb threats. Case scenarios are prepared in consultation with senior staff and supervisors.



The benefits of attending a Safecity's building evacuation, fire and bomb threat seminar last for a long long time. Discourage terrorism, protect your staff and your business now.


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