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Staff member sends oldest most respected merchant bank bankrupts.

On the 26th of February 1995 Eddie George, governor of the Bank of England stunned the corporate financial world when he announced that Barings PLC, Britain's oldest and most respected merchant bank was bankrupt. On March 1, six days after fleeing Singapore 28 year old Nicholas Leeson, the man responsible for the collapse was detained in Frankfurt.

Leeson escorted by police

By now you will be shaking your head in disbelief saying to yourself 'how could it be, did they not have any security in place? How could one person cause the collapse of a bank? '  What was the security awareness of his colleagues and supervisors?  Was there a security system and policy in place?

The answer is, 'yes the bank did have quite a sophisticated security system in place to prevent these sort of things from happening.' But the system was rendered useless because it failed to address the most fundamental rule in corporate security--staff lack of security awareness.  Staff are the most powerful elements in corporate security--technology helps, but it cannot recent a security breach or corporate fraud.

It is unfortunate that, like with the Barings Bank, most security consultants and security managers rely on technology to prevent corporate crime from taking place. Yet, time after time, technology fails them costing their clients billion of dollars in losses and even the collapse of well established corporate giants.

Many corporate business executives would be horrified to find out how easily competitors are able to access vital corporate information. After one of our seminars a hotel giant chain realised that a disgruntled staff member had been leaking the entire corporate clients database to a competitor hotel chain for the past six months. In six months the hotel had reported a loss of conference rooms and suites bookings totalling just over one million dollars.

The same fatal mistakes happens in workplace safety. Behind almost every air disaster, gas explosion, fatal industrial accident we find a common pattern of too much reliance on technology and lack of security awareness--a chronic inability to see trouble signs in people, the environment and machinery.

The 'it could never happen to me' syndrome

I wish I had a $100 dollar bill for every corporate business that does not have a security policy in place. Security and safety awareness in the workplace is generally seen as a waste of time and money.

In most cases where security and safety training is made compulsory by authorities, corporate management opt out for the least expensive method of training. Yet they will readily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars even millions on sophisticated security equipment.

This nonsensical approach is primarily caused by the 'it could never happen to me' syndrome. When reality strikes it is usually too late and the business is generally beyond help of recovery.

The money is gone, the information has been lost forever, or worse of all, the accident has taken place and the authorities have already laid charges.

During our corporate security and security awareness course your staff and your managers will learn how to avoid making the fundamental errors which your competitors are making every day.

They will take home a 70 page illustrated manual and a software program filled with valuable information and tips on how to prevent crime and accidents in the workplace.

They will start using the competencies they have achieved instantly--at work and at home.

Many of our corporate security awareness participants tell us how they had prevented a crime from taking place by following our guidelines.



OTHER DETAILS: Location: We conduct the security awareness course at a location of your choice. Cost: $175 per person Includes: Training manuals, software (customised), attractive certificates of participation, and detailed report to management if required. Assessment: Informally and formally by observation. The course can be completed in just over 4 hours, this is because the participants have studied the theoretical components of the program at home.

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Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to arrange for an appointment.

Yours sincerely,

Alexander Wilon JP PhD
Managing Director

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Course information:

The Security Awareness course comprises of a combination of home study and practical session.

Home Study: The course manual is designed to help the course participant to self-learn and self-assess the theoretical components of the seminar. This enables the instructor to concentrate on the important practical components of the program. The Academy also conducts live tutoring sessions on the Internet.

Practical Session: During the practical session the instructor verifies that all participants have achieved competency in the theoretical component of our course. The practical session involves role plays and simulation of workplace related scenarios involving sexual harassment, corporate crime prevention and conflict resolution. Case scenarios are prepared in consultation with senior staff and supervisors.

The benefits of attending a Safecity's Corporate Security Awareness seminar last for a long long time. Protect your staff and your business now.

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