body armour, covert vest, bullet resistant dyneema vest. Dyneema bullet resistant 

Body Armour, Bullet resistant Dyneema Covert Vest

  Powerful ballistic and edged weapons protection -- Lightweight and comfortable body armour
Made with the new, revolutionary Dyneema bullet resistant and stab resistant fabric

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Covert body armour Dyneema vest 

Covert Vest


Covert body armour vest is an extremely light and comfortable bullet resistant covert vest  It is designed to provide good ballistic and edged weapons protection for vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen and backbone.

Special features for comfort and ease of movement (click on picture to enlarge)

The covert body armour vest comes with specially designed, adjustable shoulder and straps in six different lengths.  

We designed the straps to enable you to adjust your vest to almost any body shape or size. 

These additional features make your covert vest very comfortable.  A good fit is essential in covert body armour as your ability to move freely will greatly enhance your chances of survival during tactical defensive incidents.   

Level of Protection Available


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Covert body armour vest
vital organs protection (optional side protection)
Covert body armour vest
vital organs protection and full side protection
Overt body armour tactical vest

Ballistic trauma plates

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