CuffMate handcuffs key with inbuilt quarts halogen light.  Ideal spare handcuff key and powerful mini quartz light

Do not underestimate this tiny quartz light.  It give brilliant white light and leaves your hands free for doing what they do best protecting you from offenders.

Officers are particularly vulnerable when applying and removing handcuffs, particularly at night.  The good doctrine of keeping a healthy distance of at least 21 feet between yourself and the offender goes out the window. 

CuffMate, therefore, is more than just a gimmick it is a must have (that is my story and I am sticking to it anyway).

I can only offer them by pre-order. That is, you send me an expression of interest and when the key arrives, I notify you and you can place the official order.  CuffMate is inexpensive (approximately

CuffMate spare handcuffs key with light spare handcuffs keys Streamlight handcuffs keys


Cuff Mate Handcuffs spare key with inbuilt light A$35


Exclusive dual LED's for double-locking and unlocking. Swivelling key ring connector with key ring; double-lock pin; momentary "squeeze" switch

Battery Two replaceable CR 2016 lithium batteries | 12+ hours


Two 100,000-hour lifetime, high-intensity Light Emitting Diode (LED), "solid-state" bulb.
mill candelas
Body & Colour Tough fibreglass-reinforced polymer body; alloy steel key and double-lock pin.
113 gm  (4 oz.)
8.26cm  x 2.54 cm      3.25" (L) x 1" (W)
Toy Rating I like it!. I give it a 7

Interested in pre-ordering a CuffMate? No need to fill tedious forms, just put your name, rank and address of the police station where you work. We will deliver the key care of the police station. 

International Security Guards, will require a letter on company letterhead from their employer.  The letter should state  that you are a licensed security guard.   Upon verification we will send the key to you care of your employer.

Australian security guards please include your security licence.  We will check it with the Registry.  Persons attempting to obtain keys illegally will be reported to police. 
Please do yourself a big favour don't try it.


rechargeable powerful quartz halogen torches for police and security

Take a look at the results of the night test we conducted -- You will be amazed

Streamlight torches for police security and emergency services equipment photo test

Photographs. Camera mounted on tripod F-Stop 2.8/1s
Moonless night, complete darkness.

Movie of Streamlight powerful torches performance

Movie.  Sony 3CCD Professional.  Lens fully open.
Same scene - moonless night, complete darkness. Impressive demonstration of the power of the Streamlight range of torches and spot lights

emergency equipment rechargeable powerful torches


Streamlight Stylus Quartz Halogen Torch

Stinger Streamlight Quartz Halogen Torch

Rechargeable Torches SL20XP Quartz Halogen Torch

Litebox Rechargeable Streamlight Quartz Halogen Torch

A magic little pocket power torch

A powerful compact torch. Ideal Tactical Light and Backup Torch

A powerful torch
Ideal Primary Patrol Torch
Good as Vehicle Torch
or Observation Post Light

An amazingly powerful unit
Ideal as primary spot or flood light


Toys for Police, LEOs
and Licensed Security Guards Only

CuffMate spare handcuffs key torch
Cuff Key With Inbuilt Quartz Light

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