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Tripod Mounted Camera Manual Settings For All Photographs F.2.8  S 1sec
Taken at 20 Meters Moonless Night

Emergency lighting would help in this nightmare scenario

There is an armed offender dressed in black at 30 m from the camera.
This photo was taken during a moonless night.
I used a standard type torch aimed at the offender.
Scary? It should be.

In this emergency situation, good lighting is imperative.  This is a nightmare scenario. 

You know there is an offender 30 meters away from you, but you cannot see a thing! 

Your $39.99 Goldstein Special torch dies at 10 meters, or is so weak that you can only see the eyes and face of the offender.

Remember we are out in the open in pitch darkness and the offender is dressed in black.  Admittedly, this is the worst possible scenario for a cheap torch. 

But when I conduct my training programs I ALWAYS use worst possible scenarios--in real life they are the ones that can injure and maim officers.

Faced with these tests, most of my students end up  getting themselves a real torch--and they feel better in knowing they have the best in rechargeable torches. 

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And buy yourself a real torch
You deserve it!

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