Expandable baton in Australia, telescopic, friction lock extendable baton 

Discover the ASP Expandable Baton 
Quality Engineering to Military, Law Enforcement and Security Standards 

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expandable baton carry

Carry your new ASP expandable baton neatly tucked away in its pouch.

In this carry position the expandable baton is concealed. It won't alarm the public, and most importantly it won't smash your knees when you are running (the police long baton does this very efficiently).

Because of its unique design, you will never forget your ASP extendable baton--it will always be there when you need it. Just having it there will make you feel more relaxed and secure.


expandable baton defence
  • Designed and manufactured in consultation with experienced law enforcement, military and security officers
  • Expandable Baton Training Police Approved and Nationally Recognised.  We also conduct Government accredited instructor baton courses.




Black Chrome




  • Available in Airweight,  Black Chrome, Chrome, Electroless and Gold

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  • Available in 16,  21, 26, 31  inches
  • Quality backed by limited lifetime warranty on parts and workmanship


  • Expandable baton precision tooling, ensures smooth locking and collapsing

telescopic friction lock batons


  • Expandable baton hyper strength retaining clip for reliable trouble free performance
  • Expandable baton quality tip engineered for strength and durability


 Expandable Batons from A$143 GST Included

  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS AND ACCESSORIES: Tough standard tactical nylon pouch.  (Police style and leather pouches are also available for sale). 


Safecity Conducts Defensive Tactics Training Course and Instructor Programs

Batons carry guidelines: Irrespectively of where you live, be sure to undergo a certified and training program.  If an injured offender can prove in a court of law that you were not properly trained in the use of batons, you will be faced with a devastating financial and psychological outcome. 


 Priced from A$185 GST Included + A$17.00 Postage

Delivery costs by registered air mail insured 

  • Australian Orders
    1-2 expandable batons  A$30
    For each additional expandable baton add $10
    For more than 10 batons ask for freight quotation

  • International Orders via Air Mail
    1-2 expandable batons A$60
    Add A$20 for each additional expandable baton

  • International Orders via International Courier
    1-2 expandable batons A$85

    Add A$35
    for each additional expandable baton


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Frequently Asked Questions and Australian Legal Requirements
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Important note--these batons are classified Prohibited Weapons in Australia and many other countries.  We will not accept any orders until we have received  proof of your police permit or licence. 

Please make sure you obtain this permit before contacting us.


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