First Aid Belt Kit

One concern in providing emergency first aid is the risk of contracting a disease--especially where bleeding is involved.

The next most common concern is lack of equipment. How can you attend to an injury if you do not have the necessary equipment? How can you flush and provide first aid to a needle stick injury without the appropriate first aid products?

Studies show that the risk of contracting diseases through bleeding injuries is greatly reduced when the patient is able to clean and flush the injury quickly.

Could you do that if it happened to you?

Belt is not included in the kit

New! Safecity First Aid Utility Belt Kit

Finally, after many requests from our students, Safecity brings to you a compact First Aid Kit which you can easily clip on your utility belt.

The Safecity Senior First Aid Kit is packed with quality, useful and easy to use emergency first aid products.

  • Made of quality durable nylon material

  • Streamline design

  • Soft pouch maximises comfort

  • Strong Velcro cover--no buttons or clips

  • Incredibly low price

  • 1 x 30ml Saline Solution (Sodium chloride + Potassium Phosphate Monobasic)
  • 5 x Band aid strips
  • All purpose disposable triangular bandage -- a must for all senior first aid kits


  • 1 set of protective gloves

  • 1 x CPR Face shield

  • Made of quality durable nylon material
  • The Safecity First Aid Kit can be easily secured to your utility belt without having to remove all your accessories--that's smart!

The Safecity First Aid Kit is ideal for Security Officers, Police, Prison officers, Sheriff Officers, General law enforcement, Nurses, Counsellors and anyone else involved in public duties especially those considered to be in risk areas.

As a security or law enforcement officer you would have undertaken extensive training and regular re-training in Senior First Aid.

If you are one of Safecity's WorkCover approved Senior First Aid Course graduates you would have participated in many interesting and dynamic role plays where you became an active component in saving the life of a colleague, client or member of the public.

Biological hazards can be transmitted by physical contact, by air or blood from human and animal sources and can lead to long-term health problems.

Many serious diseases are transmitted by bodily fluids; including Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Personal protection is an essential part of today's first aid.

Protect yourself - Be better prepared for a Medical Emergency

Your First Aid Utility Belt Kit is only A$36 (Includes GST, postage and handling)

Other Useful First Aid 
and Personal Comfort Products from Safecity

Left picture shows pack before activation
Right picture shows pack after activation 

Pocket Heating and Ice Pack: Enjoy instant heat in winter and refreshing cool in summer.  Use it over and over again by following simple recharging instructions.

Thermo Accident Blanket:  Fits neatly in your patrol car glove box.  Unfolds to 185cm to 130cm.

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Kits are also available from your Safecity Senior First Aid Instructors.


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Terms associated with first aid are : kiss of life, mouth to mouth resuscitation
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