Introducing the latest design in law enforcement gloves and police equipment.  The Spectra lined  safety gloves are the first line of self defence against knife attacks and edged weapons attacks in Australia.

Safecity's cut resistant protective gloves are designed for police, military and security officers.  They are also ideal as motorcycle gloves, bicycle and general safety gloves.  Safecity's Spectra Lined Duty Gloves are tough, but they are also elegant and will enhance all law enforcement equipment, uniforms or dress code.

law enforcement equipment gloves

Knife attacks against law enforcement and emergency services staff are increasing exponentially.  Offenders practice knife fighting techniques in the Universities of crime.  
Knife fighting techniques are also taught to undesirables in self defence martial arts classes.

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Unfortunately, due to low budgets, many emergency services cannot afford to purchase cut resistant protective gloves for their officers.  As a result, law enforcement officers have to purchase their own from martial arts supplies or from the Internet.  

It is not uncommon for officers to purchase fashion gloves, or even gardening gloves, hoping that these will provide them cut proof protection against blades--which they do not.  

Safecity conducted a survey among police, security, ambulance officers and military personnel to find out the features these professionals required in their duty gloves.  This survey is ongoing at   

Here are the results:

Question: What is your primary concern about law enforcement gloves?

Prevalent answers from officers

Our reaction 


We should not have to buy police gloves.  They should be included in our duty gear.  It also looks unprofessional because of lack of uniformity.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Laws require that employers provide safety equipment.  

  • Safecity will write to all emergency services and security providers encouraging them to purchase self defence products for their officers. 


cut resistant gloves can save lives
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Question: What major features would you like to see in your law enforcement gloves?

Prevalent answers from officers

Our reaction 


  • Police gloves should provide some protection for the wrist, not just the hand.  Knife fighting is seldom static and the wrists are vulnerable targets. 
  • We designed the gloves to extend more than 3cm past the wrist.  Spectra lined leather now completely covers this vulnerable area. We did not increase the price despite the high cost of the extra Spectra fibre used.

extra wrist protection
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  • There should be an adjustable quick lock and unlock strap  around the wrist, so they feel more secure
  • Our new design features a Velcro quick release strap attached to a high resistance buckle.  

police gloves designed by law enforcement officers
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  • They should include Spectra lining
  • Ours are manufactured using quality Spectra lining.  

Spectra lining high quality protection
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  • They should feature added protection around the finger tips and the first joint of the fingers. 
  • Our new design feature special reinforced protection for the finger tips and first fold of the fingers.  This feature does not exist in other gloves costing up to $50 more than ours.

finger tips protection
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  • They should not interfere excessively with ability to feel small objects, use  firearms and operate equipment.
  • Spectra is much lighter and resistant than other cheaper fibres.  We use it because it allows more flexibility and tactility to the finger tips.  

Spectra lined comfortable to wear
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What would you consider to be a reasonable price for high quality hand protection using Spectra lining, increased wrist protection and extra finger protection?

Prevalent answers from officers

Our reaction 


  • Between A$85 and A$100 
  • Low cost for high quality.
    A$95 including freight 
    Australia wide.
  • An extra freight charge 
    of A$20 applies to 
    International orders

Why pay A$135 for less features

When you can buy our tough Spectra
Duty Gloves for only

It is also important for you to realise that our gloves are not cut proof. However, they will provide more protection than standard leather or gardening apparel.

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We are working on the production of the gloves, to make them the best there is.
Demand will be high.  To be informed when stock arrives 
please enter your E-mail address in the box below

There is no obligation to buy, but do let us know your interest.

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