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Risk management consultants will often be called upon to provide advice which may involve a variety of disciplines and skills. Unlike other more conventional trades (accountants, lawyers, motor mechanics) which specialise in their own field of expertise, security consultants often find themselves involved in complex situations.

Risk assessment consultants agree they are often asked to act as a psychologist, counsellor, resource manager, technical advisor and even business finance agent.

Threat assessment, and risk analysis consultants are expected to hold considerable experience in areas such as threat assessment, threat analysis, consequence analysis, vulnerability assessment, operational security including managerial skills and people management competencies. 

In the old "learn by experience" days, risk management consultants relied solely on their personal work experience, and police or military background as a source of qualification for the job.

The problem with this approach is that it leaves tremendously large "gaps" in the competency level of the consultant, with disastrous results for the clients and the community in general.

The advent of standardised competency-based risk assessment training delivered by accredited Registered Training Organisations will greatly help to minimise these gaps. Whilst there is little doubt that experience in a certain field is valuable towards the development of a professional consultant, study courses delivered by ethical Registered Training Organisations are just as important.

Another area of importance is your personal education. Here I am referring to general education such as a Higher School Certificate and University Degrees. Whilst this is not yet a licensing requirement, nor it is essential for the average consultant, I feel that the more education you can purchase, the better the opportunities you will have for success in the market place.

Commit yourself to gaining tertiary qualifications in areas such business management, law, psychology, community policing, criminology. The marvellous advent of adult distance education has greatly increased access to many excellent courses. Other courses of great use are courses in public speaking and writing skills.

Professionals in any industry keep informed and up-to-date. Risk management consultants must keep updated in order to be effective. 

Methods include:

Membership to a creditable, impartial and ethical association is essential. There is no argument that A.S.I.S. is one such organization. I strongly recommend that all risk management consultants should join the Australian Chapter of A.S.I.S. You will find an application kit in your folder.

Membership to Security OZ will keep you up-to-date with issues relating to operational security.

Subscription to Security Electronics will provide you with excellent product knowledge in Electronic Security, Alarms, CCTV and Computer Security.

Visit http://www.securitybookshop.com for more details about the above.

Also see Professional Integrity for the security consultant.

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