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ADI SAF-LOK Handcuffs is undoubtedly one of the most respected brand of handcuffs in the world. Saf-lok handcuffs are tough, reliable and easy to apply.

For this reason ADI SAF-LOK handcuffs are the choice of most law enforcement agencies in Australia. ADI SAF-LOK handcuffs are also the preferred handcuffs for many overseas law enforcement agencies including the US Marshals Service for issue to their field operatives because of the high degree of security of the locking mechanism.

The ADI SAF-LOK Mark IV handcuffs manufactured as an investment casting from type 416 stainless steel. The check plates and locking arms are one piece castings resulting in a stronger handcuff.

The Saflok handcuffs locking mechanism has a free swing, single lock and double lock position. Double locking is by fingertip, without the need of keys. This allows the law enforcement officer to quickly and effectively apply the handcuffs in any situations.

To remove the ADI SAF-LOK handcuffs, insert the key in the barrel, turn it 180 degrees and release the complete locking system. Be sure to return the single strand to the “set” position when returning the handcuffs to the pouch.

Quality Assurance: ADI limited, Lithgow facility is certified to ISO 9002 by Lloyds Register QA and accredited to ISO 9002 by Defense Quality Assurance Organisation.

Package: Handcuffs are individually packed in cardboard containers with a set of user instructions included with each set.

Serial Numbers: All handcuffs are uniquely serial numbered.

Please note a valid security licence is required to purchase handcuffs

International Orders Attract a 25% Surcharge


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