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Taken at 20 Meters Moonless Night

Streamlight Stinger Rechargeable Torch

The Streamlight Stinger is a powerful compact little torch.  It delivers more power than flashlight three time its size.

The officer is at 20 metres distance, but the Streamlight Stinger delivers enough light to enable to officer to see the offender and the weapon.

The Stinger make an excellent backup torch.  It sits on your belt always ready for work.  It uses rechargeable batteries so you are always sure that your batteries are fully charged.

As a tactical light the Stinger is second to none.  I have owned one for over 10 years and I absolutely love it.

Take your Streamlight Stinger with you when practising low light defensive shooting and you will clearly see the difference between the Stinger and your colleagues' supermarket specials.

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Stingers make great gifts too!

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