Stress Release for Police, Military and Security Officers

This web page is dedicated to the thousands of law enforcement officers, soldiers and private security guards who day after day put their lives on the line to protect the public.

These are the people who make a difference--every day.  They are the silent heroes responsible for keeping society from disintegrating. 

It is because of them that you are able to walk in relative safety in the streets and sleep soundly in your home.  It is because of their work that you have freedom of speech, freedom of movement and freedom from slavery.

If you are in any doubt about this,  consider what would happen to your city if law and order and its protectors would no longer be there.  Consider parts of the world where guns, weapons and violent evil people are the only powers that exist.

If you are enjoying freedom because of these brave men and women in uniform, let them know how much you appreciate what they  do.  When you see them, acknowledge them with a smile--this simple gesture will go a long way.

They are people who, just like you, thrive  in the appreciation from others, and suffer when faced with ignorance, ingratitude and indifference. 

Being a police officer, soldier or a private security guard is not an easy way of life.  Because of the nature of their work, they are often involved in confrontational situations--many of these requiring the use of lawful and, sometimes, even lethal use of force.  

Think back at the last event where some deranged person hurled abuse and threatened you, or actually attacked  you physically.  Remember the trauma you suffered?  Most of us can cope with one or two or these events in a lifetime.  Many of our police and security officers are at the receiving end of these EVERY DAY.

Socially, is difficult, especially for police officers, to form and maintain healthy and rewarding friendships with civilians.  Some people  difficult to see the human being behind the uniform.  For some, the presence of a police officer guest at a party scan be an unnerving experience. 

In the home environment many marriages succumb due to the officers' stressful, and highly emotionally charged working environment.

There is little doubt that policing and private security work is becoming more challenging and more risky. 

With more and more drug related crimes surfacing in the community, and the appalling lack of facilities for treating and caring for mentally ill people,  police officers and security guards are having to deal with an ever increase workload involving the application of physical force--a traumatic event both for the offender and the officer involved.

At Safecity, many of our friends and family are serving members we offer them these free resources and extend to them our best wishes for a successful, satisfying and safe career.





Download the audio

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -- Relaxation and Positive Thinking Meditation:  Sit back relax and join us in a series of powerful and life changing positive affirmations.

This free video meditation includes binaural beats and relaxation technology. For optimum effect use headphones.

Consult your medical practitioner or mental health specialist before listening.  People with epilepsy or mental health challenges do not use this meditation without medical approval.

To view the full video version visit our BLIP TV site for relaxation and positive thinking meditation.


Download the audio

Free Breathing Exercises: This audio guided breathing exercise is based on the proven and revered art of Hatha Yoga.  It is primarily a spiritual experience--of course getting you to breathe correctly will also provide you with immense physical benefits--but it is primarily a spiritual experience.  The Breathing Exercise will help clear negative energy from your immediate self and surrounding.

I strongly recommend that you practise this breathing exercise before practising any other meditation or prayer or spiritual practice.  The breathing will help clear any ego related energies that may prevent you from making contact with the Creator. 

Download the audio

Confidence and Self Esteem Guided Meditation with EFT and Ho'oponopono: This meditation deals with programs and memories causing low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. It will help you realise that everyone here on earth is equally worthy of love and respect. Simply listen to the audio and answer the questions the best you can.

We will guide you through a powerful combined session of EFT and Ho'oponopono to help you erase the false memories and programs from your consciousness.

This audio includes binaural technology. Please check with your health professional before listening.
For best results use headphones.  Visit for more information about this free video confidence building guided meditation and to view the larger screen version of the confidence and self esteem meditation.




Be Safe

Alexander Wilon

Certificate I in Security Operations<


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