powerful halogen quartz light and torch for police, security, military and emergency services use
Torches Halogen Quartz flashlight from Streamlight unsurpassed quality, power and brightness.

Tripod Mounted Camera
Manual Settings For All Photographs F.2.8  S 1sec
Taken at 20 Meters Moonless Night

Standard Torch 3 D Cells
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Streamlight Stinger
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Streamlight SL20XP 8Watts
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Streamlight Lightbox 8 Watts Spot
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Alexander Wilon JP Firearms Instructor Examiner and Course ProcviderStatistics show that a vast majority of criminal activities take place at night, and often in poorly lit areas. 

Police and Security officers are busiest at night.  Tactically we are greatly disadvantaged at that time.  Offenders can see us, but it is often difficult for us to see them.

You would think that officers working at night would be equipped with the best possible quality torches.  Powerful quartz halogen lights designed to give police officers an advantage over offenders--sadly that is not the case. 

We spend thousands on watches, jewellery, stereos and other toys--but when it comes to duty equipment we become price conscious--for the very item that could actually save our lives. 

During our low light defensive shooting training programs, many of my students realise in horror that their supermarket specials cannot possibly deliver the power they need. 

The Australian Blue Mountains can deliver the best total darkness nights.  I chose one of these total darkness nights to test the Streamlight range of quartz halogen torches.  We also tested a common torch a standard X3D Torch.  The kind that our students bring to the range.  Take a look a the results.

A quality torch is essential during night patrols.  Equally as important is competency in the use of the torch and in  defensive tactics .  You must learn when to use your torch and when not to use it.  How to hold the torch correctly and when not to hold it at all.  You must also learn the guidelines of safe night patrolling.

If you are an employer of security and law enforcement staff who work at night, invest in quality equipment and good training--it will help save your officers' lives and it will provide evidence of your commitment to workplace safety and duty of care--think about the consequences.

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