A message to all the security officers trained by Safecity under the 
"D.E.T. Olympic 2000 Training Priorities"


security sydney 2000 olympic games


Graduates of Safecity Security Olympic 2000 Training Course. 

Good job well done!  

I need not tell you the happiness and relief I felt when the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games concluded successfully on October 1. 

When Safecity was commissioned  to recruit and train security guards for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games under the DET Olympic 2000 Training Priorities, my staff and I immediately realised the grave responsibility that was placed before us. 

Now that the job is done, I want to congratulate you. 
Your hard work and dedication helped keep the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games a safe and joyful event.   

Now it is time to celebrate.  I have dedicated a site to you all.  This site will remain a permanent reminder that with correct training and dedication even the most difficult tasks can be accomplished.  

On this site you will be able to view and download all the photographs we took during the D.E.T. Security Olympic 2000 Training Priorities Course.   

The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games are now over, but your professional lives in security have only just began.  I encourage you all to continue to study and progress your training--and when difficulties and challenges knock on your door don't forget  my favourite saying:  


I wish you well,

Alexander Wilon JP
Managing Director 


If you are a graduate of this traineeship you can obtain free and confidential advice and information.

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The Olympic 2000 Training Priorities project was a successful initiative of the 
NSW Government Department of Education and Training Western Region, Mr. Hugo Ramos, Project Officer.
 With the help of Mr. Ramos and DET, Safecity was able to train and place over 300 young people into good jobs.
Many of the graduates are now progressing to further training.
We will publish a statistical analysis of this positive outcome on this site in January 2001

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