Testimonials Disclaimer

Testimonials Disclaimer

This site complies with FTC and international guidelines that govern the use of endorsements and testimonials. Please read these guidelines carefully.

It is important to me that you clearly understand and fully agree with the following outlined statements.

If you do not understand the statements please consult with a qualified legal practitioner who can explain them to you before you visit this site and use any of the material I offer.

If you do not agree with the following statements you must not use this site and you must not use any of the material I offer.

  1. The testimonials I publish on this site come from e-mails I have received, audio files, video files, via my YouTube channel, my FaceBook page, my Vimeo channel and other social media.
  2. The testimonials are self-reported and many are from people using aliases. I have no way of confirming that they are true. I make every effort to filter out bogus testimonials wherever this is possible.
  3. The fact that I publish a testimonial does not imply in any way that I agree with the content, opinion,
  4. The testimonials page is not a forum for testimonials. I do not encourage or require you to send me a testimonial in order to use the site or download and use the content I offer.
  5. I post the testimonials verbatim including grammatical or typing errors. In some cases where the message is too long or contains inappropriate words, I will edit the message.
  6. I have no qualifications whatsoever in the medical field. All the material I produce is based on my personal experiences, informal study, and inspiration.
  7. The videos and tools provided are not to be interpreted as magical cures or remedies. They are just videos which may or not work for you.  There is no guarantee whatsoever that you will experience a result.
  8. The videos and tools provided cannot be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease.
  9. All testimonials are individual experiences. They reflect the experiences of some of the people who have used the products that are available on this site.
  10. It is important that you understand that these are individual results.
    1. That these results vary.
    2. I do not claim that they are typical results that users of my products will generally achieve.
    3. There is no guarantee whatsoever that you will experience a similar result.
    4. There is no guarantee or promise of any results, specific or otherwise.
    5. I provide theses testimonials for the purpose of entertainment only.

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