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Workplace Senior First Aid

experienced former paramedics senior first aid instructors


Frequently Asked Questions
about the Workplace Senior First Aid Course

What is the official title of this course?
The course title is 'Workplace Senior First Aid'. This is an accredited Senior First Aid Course.

What are the standards of this senior first aid course course and how are they maintained?
The standards are set and maintained by using the Australian Resuscitation Council's (ARC) Policy Statement.

Where is this senior first aid course recognised?
This senior first aid course is recognised in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Western  Australia, other states applications pending.

What will I be able to do when I complete this senior first aid course?
This senior first aid course provides you with the knowledge and skills that enable you to prevent, identify and manage life threatening emergencies.

What training material will I use?
When you book and pay for your senior first aid course you will receive a comprehensive senior first aid training manual. The manual contains all the administrative and training requirements you need to study and complete your course.

Why do I spend only one day in the classroom?
This senior first aid course course is based on the 'Open Learning Principle'. This means you can study at home for two days and spend only one day in the classroom.

How do I work through the study material?
The senior first aid course manual is divided into chapters. You study one chapter at a time. There are self-check questions to help you. After you have studied the material you complete a questionnaire. This will help you to determine how much you have learnt. When you have completed all the chapters, you attend class. Your senior first aid instructor will revise your answers and help you with the practical work. It is an intelligent way to learn Senior First Aid at a pace that suits you.

I have no experience in Senior First Aid, how difficult is it going to be to learn?
The senior first aid course manual you receive is designed to ensure that students at all levels are able to achieve the competencies required. It is well illustrated and the language used in the course is easy to understand. The questionnaires are clear and well laid out. This makes the process of assessing your competencies a productive and enjoyable learning experience. Your manual will answer all the questions you may have. We also encourage you to ask questions during the practical session in class. Safecity's courses are conducted in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

I have time and I want to complete the course in a classroom.
Safecity Instructors are qualified to conduct traditional senior first aid courses. Contact us to find out how to enrol in one of these courses.

Senior first aid conducted in a personalised ,easy to learn model
Who will be my Instructor / Facilitator?
Your Safecity's Instructor has been trained under strict guidelines. All our instructors hold Senior First Aid Instructor Qualifications.  Many of our instructors are former paramedics and ambulance officers.  We are also attracting an increasing number of experienced  instructors from other respected Senior First Aid course providers.   

I need a senior first aid certificate to satisfy the requirements of the NSW Security Industry. Is this course recognised?
Yes, this course is recognised for the purposes of licensing.



How much will the course cost?
Safecity's Course costs $120. The cost includes your training manual, tuition, assessment and an attractive wall certificate.  If you undertake the course in conjunction with a Certificate II in Security (Guarding) a special price of $100 applies.

Where can I find out about course locations and dates?
Click here for the latest course dates and locations. You can also E-mail us, phone or fax. We often conduct 'in-house' courses for clients, so, if your course location is not listed, we will be happy to arrange a special program at no extra cost (minimum numbers apply).


Safecity instructors care, and it shows! Learn first aid with us.

How do I enrol?
At present we are conducting in-house programs for corporate and government clients.  We are planning to begin conducting regular courses in the near future.  If you wish to book a course for your organisation, please write to us and we will contact you.

What happens after we purchase a course for our organisation?
We will deliver the training manuals by courier or registered post. Be sure to allow at least four days  for your staff to complete the workbook.  This will give them time to complete the self-assessment study material.

How long does the accreditation last?
As in all other Senior First Aid Courses the accreditation lasts three years. However, Safecity recommends you attend a refresher course for CPR and EAR at least once a year. This may be conducted in one day. This is also a recommendation of the Australian Resuscitation Council.

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Terms associated with first aid are : kiss of life, mouth to mouth resuscitation
and cardio pulmonary resuscitation heart massage, CPR ,EAR

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