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Chapter 19:4 of Safecity's Dog Handler Manual Dr. A. Wilon

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"Shama" aged 7 weeks Dr. A. Wilon

The origins of the German Shepherd is attributed to a group of Scottish monks. About the year 1000 AD the monks created a new breed of watchdogs by crossing local sheepdogs with wolves. The result was a breed of intelligent, strong, fierce dogs which were easy to train. The dogs proved to be an asset to the monks by defending the monastery from marauders.

The German Shepherd was first presented officially at the Stutgart Dog Show in 1887. Because of its origin from wolves, it was commonly but incorrectly called "Wolf-Dog". From that time this magnificent dog has achieved an undisputed reputation for loyalty, courage, intelligence and tracking abilities.

In 1891 the Phylax Society was formed to help create and promote standards in native German breeds. Three years later the society disbanded, but it had set into motion the foundations of the German Shepherd breed.

Captain Max von Stephanitz is considered to be the "father of the breed".

In 1899, while visiting a show, he purchased a dog that had impressed him. Captain von Stephanitz subsequently formed a society, the "Verien fur deutsche Schaferhunde (sv)". This marked the official beginning of the German Shepherd breed.

During World War II German Shepherd dogs were responsible for saving thousands of lives: searching for wounded persons, transporting medicine and messages under artillery fire and acting as sentries.

The German Shepherd needs a handler of strong character and confidence. These dogs have an uncanny ability to sense weakness in their handlers.

nsw police dog security dogs training k-9 security course security dog handler course Brave "Arnie" a NSW Police Dog who suffered terrible injuries while chasing offenders. Arnie made a good recovery but had to be retired. He is now serving at the RSPCA as "chief" security dog.  Photo courtesy RSPCA.


They require frequent training and need plenty of exercise. When properly handled the dog will form a strong bond with its master and his or her immediate family.

Fortunately the breed has suffered little interference from "fashion breeding" and has retained its distinctive characteristics.

The German Shepherd is an excellent choice for police and security work and is the preferred breed of most law enforcement agencies in the world.

Safecity Training Academy has adopted the German Shepherd for its security activities.

The ideal dog should be between 64 to 66 cm in height and between 38 to 44 Kg in weight. Overweight dogs should not be used as they are prone to heart attacks and fatigue.

Avoid dogs with a short muzzle, jaws that do not meet properly, bow legs and poor balance.

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Always buy German Shepherds pups from registered, reputable breeders. Registered breeders are compelled to X-ray the dame and sire before breeding. This is done to help stamp out Hip Dysplasia, an inherited deformity of the hip joint which causes pain and lameness in German Shepherds.




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Give a dog a second chance. Visit this site and adopt an orphan. I have rescued many dogs in the past. The love and loyalty you get in return is just magic.

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